London Fog Mens Iconic Trench Coat, Dark Navy, 36 Regular

September 30, 2018 - Comment
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William Campbell III says:

fantastic coat; note caveats I love, and recommend, this coat. It is well made and fits as advertised (a little large). As several other reviews mention, it is designed to fit over a suit; I wear a 40R (UK) perfectly, and this 38R fits generously over my suit–even with the liner.Too bad it is made in China, but I guess you can’t get away from that anymore.Two caveats:1. The color IS AS ADVERTISED–at least the coat that I received. I wanted the darker green-brown highlighted in the…

Ryan A. Clarke says:

Great coat, but the picture depicting the color of “British Khaki” is wrong. Buy the coat anyway! Marvelous construction, proper fit, and sturdy hardware. The only thing you should be cautious of is the color of the British Khaki. The photo online (as it appears on my Retina display) shows it as more of a tan/camel brown. In reality, it is much closer to the dark brown seen on World War I military uniforms (hence the name: British Khaki”). It’s a great coat, I love it, and you should grab this steal of a deal while you can!Here’s a link to a picture showing the proper color…

C E Noyes says:

London Fog rules This is my fourth London Fog coat and the best design, construction, and fit of all the topcoats I’ve owned in my adult years I’m 75.

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