Man Lightweight Waterproof Coat CHAREX Outdoor Hooded Rain Jacket Softshell Red M

July 9, 2016 - Comment
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Jessica says:

Love my New Lightweight Jacket! This jacket is my new favorite! Very lightweight and comfortable! I love the color red so I really enjoyed it when it came. I love hoe lightweight and compact it can become. It’s a big jacket but van become small when folding it. Ive taken this jacket camping with me and it was very comfortable and get me warm through the night. Honestly, the material and fabric feel and are made with high quality. The jacket feels very high end and expensive. This is a great outdoor jacket for pretty much…

Nour Bahri says:

Wonderful I have been using this coat in the Netherlands, where it basically rains every day, even in the summer. It’s been keeping me warm and dry. The fasteners on the hands and around the neck/hood make so that even when I’m riding my bike in the rain, the coat isn’t pulled back in the wind. The pockets on the inside make sure that my phone doesn’t get wet and are large enough for my wallet. I also like that the hood is removable, for when it’s chilly out, but not raining. 

Synette Parrish says:

Sharp and Comfortable This rain jacket is a must in my husband’s wardrobe or any man’s wardrobe. I live in Florida where the weather is hot but rainy April through June and cold January and February for a couple of weeks. This jacket will serve a dual purpose as it will serve as a raincoat with it’s water repellent coating and in the winter, it will give enough protection for the cold. 

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