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Anonymous says:

If it’s raining out, sit down and have a laugh with “Trenchcoat” I was looking for another movie with Robert Hays. I can truly say that both Robert and Margot worked together beautifully in this movie. It was funny after the first 15 minutes of seriousness. The movie trailer online with Amazon was what really sold me on this movie. In some ways, this is a tried and true story that has been done in different movies. Margot Kidder is really terrific and I couldn’t stop laughing at her antics. I am glad that I took a chance on this hard to find movie. You can…

Anonymous says:

Kitschy movie but I love it. Robert Hays (from Airplane), Margot Kidder (from Superman) and David Suchet (Poirot), what more could you want? It’s a comedy and a mystery with some drama and suspense thrown in. The standard definition version is disappointing but I’ll take what I can get. Amazon is one of the few places that streams the movie. Your enjoyment level may vary.

Anonymous says:

Hilarious Film That Inadvertently Launched a Studio Distribution Line This fun romp was as good as I remember, from seeing it as a teen. At the time of release, though, this Buena Vista (Disney) motion picture stirred up so much fuss, it hastened the birth of Touchstone Pictures. The “problem” was obvious, as I watched the film for the 1st time as an adult. There was “adult” innuendo throughout the storyline, often to great hilarity, but in 1983, folks who thought they were getting standard family fare, from a trusted source, were not laughing…

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